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Tutorly is a Tutor booking marketplace Theme. The theme is built on our VibeBP One APP Platform which means you can literally extract Mobile / Desktop / Tablet Apps from the site that is built using this Theme. See how it is done ( no code involved ) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QkRH3yE6Hg

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Tutorly is a Tutor booking marketplace Theme. The theme is specificailly designed for a booking marketplace. Inspired by various instructor booking platforms like verbling.com, preply.com, mytutor.co.uk, vendatu.com, Calendly etc. Tutorly comes packed with features as explained below :

Unique Feature

    • FSE & Elementor Modes

      The Theme comes with 2 modes, standard WP & FSE WP.
      The Elementor WP mode requires where all the templates are built in the Elementor page builder. Which includes, Booking Directory , Member Profiles, Member Cards etc..
      The FSE Mode , the Elementor page builder is not required and all templates are build on Gutenberg editor which includes Booking directory, Member profiles, Cards and more.
    • Bookable Directory
      Built on a Calendar first approach, the revolutionary directory allows users to search users based on slot availability in their timezones along with instructor parameters which can be created and selected. Each service has its own directory of instructors providing it.
    • Front end framework
      Everything that is required for the instructor and students is available on the front end itself. The WP admin panel is only accessible to administrators to manage necessary settings of the framework.
    • Zoom & BBB Conferencing Integration
      Meetings are automatically generated as soon as booking is confirmed. Currently integration is available for ZOOM and BigBlueBlutton ( BBB ) via our free extensions.

    • Instructor Reviews
      For every booking, the booker gets the option to review the instructor’s performance via star rating which is displayed on instructor’s profile
    • Services
      Administrator can create various services for which instructors can apply and set their prices for the services they will offer. Different color for service and different commission levels for instructors can also set by administrator.

    • Slot management & Rescheduling
      Slot management is avaialble where instructor can create and manage slots. Slot creation is done in bulk and editing of slots to assign to a user directly, add notes, connect meetings is available.

    • Pricing via WooCommerce
      Instructors can set prices for their bookings via WooCommerce. They can also set differential pricing for the services they opt for.
    • Timezone Calendar
      The calendar used automatically adapts timings based on the current timezone of the user viewing the content. Also automatically displays Site language vs device langauge to translate the calendar.
    • Booking Slot calendar
      The slot calendar allows you to book instructors right in the calendar itself. The calendar is available in various modes, Week, month, day and list. Shows slots avaiability to the user to initiate the booking process.
    • Booking Slot widget
      Inspired from CalendlyThe Booking calendar widget is highly useful where you want to present users ,calendar and slots in same widget. Instructor booking is displayed in Calendly like format.
    • PWA App Platform
      Built on HeadLess WordPress architechture, the entire frameowrk is built like an app.
      The Web part is generated via standard page builders like Elementor OR Gutenberg the Web App part is a progressive web app.
    • Customisable Profiles & Cards
      The profile layouts can be generated in Elementor or Gutenberg. Custom profiles can be created for different member types and card layouts can be created.
    • Social Community framework
      Built over community framework features like inbuilt messaging, the front end powered by reactJS.
    • Instructor Commissions and Payouts
      Inbuilt commissions is available and recorded. You can set commission of every service offered in your site and instructors can get detailed commission report and request a payout once their earning cross a minimum threshold level
    • Modern technology stack
      Built with ReactJS , TailwindCSS, Native JS and Service workers, the app platform is built on latest technology stack. No jQuery based modules are used in the theme & associated plugins.
    • Conversion to Android & iOS App
      The resilient PWA app generated can be easily converted into mobile/desktop/tablet apps for Android, iOS & Windows. Conversion is straight forward and does not require any code. You can also sell appointments in apps via in-app products.
    • Easy setup wizard
      A setup wizard which results in a site like the Demo without fuss and without making any settings. Directly import and start using.


1. Built on TailwindCSS 3 https://tailwindcss.com/
2. Images from Unsplash.com
3. Videos from Pexels.com

Note : Some demo images are sample images and may not be available in demo import

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