Sphinx - Vuejs Material Design Admin Template


Sphinx is a vuejs responsive dashboard built using vue-cli and vuetify.

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Sphinx - Vuejs Material Design Admin Template - 2
Sphinx - Vuejs Material Design Admin Template - 3
Sphinx - Vuejs Material Design Admin Template - 4


Sphinx is built using modern workflow technologies and tools.
before using and developing Sphinx you should have the following tools installed on your system:

    • nodejs. (required)
    • npm or yarn. (required)
    • git (optional)


    • material design concept
    • clean and elegant design.
    • Responsive layout.
    • dynamic switching among multiple layouts.
    • vuex and vue-router integration.
    • vast UIKIT (buttons, icons, cards, etc.)
    • material design icon set.
    • chartjs charts.
    • vuetify built-in charts.
    • mailbox, user profile and many prebuilt pages.


    • dashboard
    • login/signup pages
    • user profile
    • notifications page
    • mailbox
    • calendar/events page
    • prices/plans page
    • many demo pages


Sphinx has an extensive collection of UI components containing:
    • Material Cards.
    • AutoCompletes, ComboBoxes, Selects, and author form controls.
    • Buttons, Button Groups, Fabs
    • Date Pickers
    • Time Pickers
    • Steppers
    • Carousels
    • Dialogs
    • Chips
    • Avatars
    • Badges
    • Sliders


Sphinx uses different page layouts for different purposes:
    • default: a layout with toolbar and standard left sidebar. (e.g. dashboard)
    • fullwidth: a layout without the standard sidebar. (e.g. mailbox)
    • simple: no toolbar, no sidebar. (e.g. login)


Sphinx is built using a set of awesome tools and libraries.

So you may refer to thier own documentation for more insight.

    • Vue
    • Vuetify
    • Vuex
    • Vue-router
    • Vue-chartjs

Final Thoughts

Don’t hesitate to ask us for help.

you can contact us through the themeforest contact form .

you can download the templete from .

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