Fancystrap - Bootstrap skin

A bootstrap skin with a simple, clean, fancy and pixel perfect interface with 25+ additionals functionalities.

You want more features?

If you want any feature just leave a comment and i’ll provide it!

Version 1.1 : What’s new

  • Typography
    • Highlight.
    • First letter caps.
    • Minimalist style for quote.
    • Seperated, Square style list.
  • Tables : zebra-vertical-striping.
  • Forms: outset & shiny input style.
  • Buttons & buttons groups: rounded and sharper corners.
  • Navbar : new style.
  • Pagination: rounded and sharper corners.
  • Progress bars: rounded and sharper corners.


  • Simple, clean and fancy interface.
  • Easy implementation & utilisation.
  • Pixel perfect elements.
  • 25+ Additional functionalities.
  • Ready css files with a minimized version.
  • Included documentation.

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