ChatenAi - AI SaaS Website + Dashboard React NextJS UI Kit

Meet ChatenAI, an innovative and comprehensive React NextJS template designed specifically for AI platforms. Now fully developed with the latest features of React NextJS.

This makes ChatenAI not only faster but also significantly lighter than many other AI platform templates available in the market.

ChatenAI is suitable for text generators, code generators, video generators, image generators, photo editors, email generators, html generators, and speech-to-text or text-to-speech.

If you’re building any type of AI platform, whether it’s for text generator, code generator, video generator, image generator, photo editor, email generator, HTML generator, speech-to-text, or text speech then ChatenAI is the most advanced, efficient, and user-friendly React NextJS template to create your website.

The template is SEO Optimized, easily customizable, and contains easy-to-read, understood source code, and well documentation.

Key Features

    • Build with latest NextJS (14.0.4)
    • React Hooks used
    • No jQuery Dependency
    • Optimize Images by Next Image
    • Bootstrap 5 & SASS
    • SCSS files included
    • Video player with a popup
    • Developer Friendly Code
    • It comes with 9+ AI Variation. More demos are coming
    • Sticky Header
    • Awesome Animated Button with Various Feature Options
    • Avilable Text Generator
    • Avilable Code Generator
    • Avilable Video Generator
    • Avilable Image Generator
    • Avilable Photo Editor
    • Avilable Email Generator
    • Avilable HTML Generator
    • Avilable Speech to text
    • Avilable Text to Speech
    • Mix and Match Section Blocks
    • Easy to Use
    • Fast Performance
    • Google Fonts
    • Cross Browser Optimization
    • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
    • Clean, Trending and Modern Design
    • Free Lifetime updates!
    • Detail Documentation Included
    • Quick & Faster Support
    • and much more…

NextJS Features

    • JS
    • Components
    • Page Routing
    • One-way Data Binding
    • Virtual DOM
    • Simplicity
    • Performance

Revolutionize Your Design Experience:

Unlock the potential of AI design with ChatenAi – a React NextJS powerhouse. From an AI code generator to voice commands, image editing, and more, revolutionize your design process. Explore responsive design for desktop, tablet, and mobile, including dark modes, with light mode enhancements on the horizon.

Adaptable Across Platforms:

Seamlessly adapt ChatenAi to web and mobile platforms. Enhance user experience with responsive design, catering to various devices. Dark modes are already supported, and exciting light mode features are in the pipeline.

Unleash Creative Freedom:

Supercharge your design process with meticulously crafted components. ChatenAi empowers designers with fully customizable and responsive elements, enabling you to construct your dream AI website effortlessly. Explore countless layout possibilities, maximizing creative freedom.

Cutting-Edge AI Features:

ChatenAi isn’t just a template – it’s a hub of advanced AI features. From code generation to photo retouching, video creation, and beyond, experience the future of design. Stay ahead with social media scheduling, text-to-speech, and education assistance functionalities.

Comprehensive Package for Unique Designs:

Tailor ChatenAi to your unique design needs. Mix and match components effortlessly for your ideal AI website. Maximize creativity with a comprehensive package that offers versatility and flexibility.

Join the Future of AI Design:

Embark on a journey into the future of AI-powered design. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a creative enthusiast, ChatenAi AI UI Kit on Themeforest is your gateway to innovation. Don’t miss out – be part of the revolution!

Get ChatenAi Now and Design the Future!

Note: Light mode enhancements are coming soon – stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Icons Used

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Your input is vital! Share your thoughts and suggestions for additional content in the comments section . Let’s collectively shape the future of AI-driven design. Be part of the revolution!

Pre-buy FAQ:

  1. Can I change demo page layouts like delete sections or add new ones?

    Yes, you can add, edit, duplicate or remove any section or element you want.
  2. Can I mix up different demos?

    Yes, you can mix up any demo that you want.
  3. Can I get updates regularly and For how long do I get updates?

    yes, You will be able to get FREE updates while the template is available on ThemeForest.
  4. Do you have online documentation?

    Yes, please go to our online documentation via click here.
  5. Is it compatible with the React NextJS latest version?

    Yes, it’s compatible with React NextJS latest version.
  6. Can this template be used as a one-page site?

    Yes, it’s compatible with a one-page system.
  7. How can I get customer support?

    After purchasing the product need you any support you can share it with us by creating a support ticket here: Support Center Our support team will contact you soon.

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Do You Need More Features? Please contact with us via our support center:

Update Change Log

We are excited to announce that we have added new features to our product to enhance your learning experience. Here are the details of the latest changes:

Version 1.0.0 (Released on 09 February 2024)
-- Initial release

We are committed to continuously improving our product and providing you with the best learning and teaching tools. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

DocumentationVideo GuideSupport Center

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