BMD - Bootstrap + Material Design


BMD is an addon component of bootstrap so that it can be easily integrated with bootstrap. BMD is more than a skin that contains not only bootstrap components but also plus MD components such as MD color palette, MD spinner, MD floating action button (FAB), MD form input, MD nav tabs, MD cards, MD toast message, MD sidebar menu. Moreover, it also has MD animation and include a starter template as well as documentation.

List of features

  • Material design color classes
  • Material design form input
  • Material design spinner
  • Material design nav tabs
  • Raising button
  • Floating action button (FAB)
  • Ripple animation
  • Dropdown animation
  • Card component
  • Toast component
  • stateful components
  • Sidebar nav component
  • FAB readiness with google icon set
  • {LESS} support
  • Free support and upgrade
All images in starter template are for demo purpose only.

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