Apparelix Video Games Shopify Theme

Apparelix Video Games Shopify Theme

The gaming industry is rapidly bursting forward. Even more games, even better graphics, even more, hard disk space. How to tell about everything so that the players understand what is worth trying? Create your own website and talk about games from your point of view. Game templates will help make the site even more attractive, easy to manage and maintain. And your visitors will be able to understand that they made the right choice when they came here. Your site created with a theme can be made unique - then it will be profitable.

Today, people spend a lot of time behind computer games, the demand is just huge. There are many ways to monetize sites for gamers, so everyone can create a website dedicated to video games and make money from it.

This template can also be useful for various projects related to the gamer niche, for example, fun sites with information on specific games spent with news and articles from this area, online pages of professional teams (clans), etc.

You can also use it for an online store of any subject: selling smartphones, home appliances, laptops, and other things.

Multipurpose video games Shopify theme for online store

Bright colorful template for video game store, game developer, presentation. Great powerful design in a memorable style with powerful character drawing. Beautiful design does not distract from the presentation, allowing you to tell in the form of a landing page - landing - about the advantages of the product. There is the possibility of updating, blogging. There is a plug-in for online sales - you can easily manage your store, add and remove items.

The great advantage of Shopify templates is that you can customize the appearance of your site. You also get full control over store content. This is a great opportunity to create something new and completely adapt the site to your business.

The theme allows you to create a personalized and different item card for each offer, so it is good to use for a landing page with the sales function. It is possible to make large stores with a large selection of goods and mass position management.

Advantages of the video games Shopify theme:

- convenient mobile version landing;

- integrated payment systems;

- thoughtful design, attention to trifles;

- readiness for SEO;

- multilingual;

- convenient directory;

- easy checkout;

- quick purchase.

This theme will allow you to create a better site that your customers will no doubt appreciate. Thanks to the newsletter, you can inform customers about new products and promotions in the store. This is really quick and simple, so many choose the video games Shopify theme.

With this theme, you can easily automate your business and increase your profit in the shortest possible time. Of course, do not forget about competitors. It is a modern, functional site that will help you overtake competitors and attract the attention of your target audience.

Important features to consider when creating a video game store:

1. Stable demand. Despite the high cost, gamers are steadily updating their collections.

2. Many publishers and products. There are a huge number of top and new products on the market. It will not be difficult to fill the assortment with a trade window.

3. No warehouse costs. If you sell license keys, you will need only a database for storing virtual goods. Games for consoles are distributed in boxes, so they will have to allocate space for them.

4. High mark-up. If you conclude a contract with suppliers on favorable terms, you can earn 30-50% of the initial cost.

5. A lot of competitors. Leading publishers have official online stores. Its easier for gamers to buy from them to get quality assurance and support in case of problems.

6. A diverse audience. Games are bought by people of different ages, so you need to take into account the interests of all categories.

View the online store as a full-fledged business with advantages and disadvantages. You will definitely need a detailed development plan with a niche leader analysis and an effective marketing strategy. Only then can you count on the success of your business.

Spectacular design and comfortable working with the audio and video games Shopify theme

The video games Shopify theme allows you to set up an efficient experience with each customer. Convenient catalog for your items, quick checkout. Shopify has provided everything for your effective work.

To make the assortment always relevant, monitor trends. Keep track of publishers news and profile sites. On some projects, you can see the calendar of going forward for years. This information will allow you to prepare and schedule marketing events several months before the presentation. Many games are distributed according to the pre-order system. Customers pay for the cost of the product in advance and receive the key after the official release.

Make sure your customers get better service. Shopify, in turn, will ensure that your experience with the store is the most comfortable. You get constant technical support, excellent service, and the ability to independently manage the store. This is a great solution that will definitely suit you. Interested? Watch the demo version to see the details.


    • Admin Panel
    • Bootstrap
    • Responsive
    • Retina Ready
    • eCommerce
    • MegaMenu
    • Online Store/Shop

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